Hey Warrior!

So you took me up on my offer… you’re looking for my secret Gary Halbert Swipe Journal, eh?

Well here it is… in all its semi-legible handwriting glory.

But don’t let its humble appearance fool you… this thing is chock-full of some real copywriting gems – things that might just take your writing from “pretty good” to legendary.  And of course… it’s all been carefully curated by the prince-of-print himself – my friend, partner and mentor Gary Halbert.

So… Just enter your information below and it’s all yours – completely free of charge.  My gift to you.


And just like I promised in my post…

There Are No Strings Attached.
NONE – I’m Serious!

Even though I am asking for your name and email address I don’t have a product to sell.  I won’t pester you incessantly with a bunch of email (…we have enough of that to deal with already, don’t we?)  And I truly have no ulterior motive other than to share what I’ve learned from my good friend Gary Halbert.

But, from time-to-time I may drop you a line to share a juicy idea, some gem I find about marketing or copywriting; or even just a little tidbit about what’s working for me… and something you might benefit from too.

Until then… enjoy.

Peter Sig