It’s the best deal you’ll ever find in terms of hiring a “Master Wordsmith” who prefers to work on a retainer basis… and is willing to do so AT NO RISK TO YOU!

How To Hire A Team Of “World Class” Copywriters To Create Million Dollar Sales Letters, Ads & Just About
Anything Else You Could Possibly Want… 100% Risk-Free!

Dear Friend,

If you are in need of “World Class” copy, then you are in luck.  My name is Peter Louis Kaczynski.  I go by the pen name “Peter Louis.”  I am the fearless leader of a talented trio of copywriting superstars - and currently we are looking for just 2-3 clients to write copy for.  Clients who are honest like us… who have relatively high moral standards… and who are not a pain in the @$$ to work with.

Does that sound like you?  Good.  Keep reading.  Here’s how we work…

  1. We talk on the phone for 15-20 minutes (to get to know each other a bit).
  1. If we like what your company is selling, and more importantly, if we like YOU, we proceed to #3.
  1. You present us with a copywriting assignment and we will give you a price quote on it.  (An extremely reasonable price quote.)  You pay us (up-front) ½ the amount of the quote.  We will complete the assignment for you within a reasonable amount of time. (An amount of time which we will agree upon in advance).
  1. As soon as we're finished with the work, I will personally hand in the copywriting assignment for you to review, evaluate and inform us of any changes that need to be made.
  1. Once we’ve completed the assignment and have provided you with the final draft, you will then ask yourself the big question, “This work Peter Louis and his copywriting team did for me… was it well worth the copywriting fee I was quoted?”
  1. If your answer is, “Heck yeah it was worth it!”… then you pay us the remaining balance of the amount we agreed upon.
  1. If your answer is “Heck no it wasn’t worth it... these guys suck at writing copy!” then we will refund you ALL the money that you paid us up-front for the job... and you will proceed to cut our sorry @$$es loose from this “gentleman’s agreement” of ours.  And we will part ways in a friendly, civilized manner.


Call Me Immediately At (915) 219-9858


 E-Mail Me At...



P.S.  When writing copy, I pour my heart and soul into every piece I write.  And so do my team mates - Tony Torres and Brock Poling. It’s true.  We do whatever it takes to make you extremely happy… because... after all… if you ain’t happy with our work… we ain’t getting paid.  A pretty fair deal from where you’re standing… wouldn’t you agree?

P.P.S.  In case you’re asking yourself, “Just how the heck does this guy figure that this is a 100% Risk-Free offer?  After all, if I’m not happy with their work, this Peter Louis character could very easily refuse to refund my money and I’d be screwed!”  My friend, if you are concerned about that, if you are worried about me being an evil-hearted, son-of-a-biotch who would ever do such a thing, all you need to do is simply make your payment by credit card.  That way, if I ever were to pull such a stunt, all you'd need to do is make a 90-second phone call to your credit card company… tell them to do a “charge back”… and every single penny you paid us will be back in your account in less than 48 hours. Don't believe me? Call your credit card company (there’s a 1-800 # Customer Service phone number listed on the back of your card).  Call them and find out for yourself if what I’m saying here is true.

P.P.P.S.  As mentioned earlier, Tony Torres, Brock Poling and I can only work with 2-3 copywriting clients at a time.  If you would like to be one of those 2-3 clients, I urge you to pick up your phone right now and call me at (915) 219-9858.  Do it NOW... it's 100% Risk-Free... and I GUARANTEE that it'll be the 2nd smartest decision of your career.